General tips :

  Buy only puppies when both parents have passed their HD,ED tests.

  Do not allow puppies to romp with large, heavy dogs.

  Puppies must not be allowed to run up or down stairs in their first six months

  Follow a puppy course with your puppy. You will both benefit

  Puppies respond better to praise than to punishment.

  Protect puppies against ticks - they can cause dangerous illnesses.

  Rottwieler puppies should be fed with dog chunks for larger breeds

  Rottwieler's needs a master/mistress with authority.

  Don't fight fleas only - fight their larvae also

  Make your dog comfortable in the car

  If at all possible buy a Rottweiler through the breeders organization.

  Hard chunks and plenty to chew on will promote healthy teeth in Rottweilers.           

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